XYZprinting is on an ambitious mission to offer the best 3D printing solutions and industry-leading expertise to help transform your workflows in design, engineering and manufacturing fields

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The CastPro100 xP is a high-resolution 3D printer designed for work where precision and detail are essential. It’s a VAT photo-polymerization 3D printer based on DLP technology. Designed with all inhouse capabilities, the CastPro100 xP provides quality printing using select materials and easy-to-use software.

MfgPro230 xS
Create Stronger Parts and Reduce Production Time with XYZprinting’s SLS Technology
The MfgPro230 xS uses CO2 Selective Laser Sintering technology (SLS) to give users the ability to print in various plastic materials to produce a wider selection of engineering parts. The MfgPro230 xS lays down a layer of thermoplastic material and fuses the plastic material with a laser. The result is a print that rivals injection molding products in terms of strength and precision.
PartPro 100 xP
PartPro350 xBC
With the cutting edge page-wide printing technology, PartPro350 xBC delivers industry leading ultra printing productivity. With vertical building speed up to 18mm per hour with full-capacity building, it is going to be the revolutionary mass production machine for all industries with needs of full-color 3D objects
PartPro100 xP


Precision Prototyping


High resolution for those small parts where accuracy and details are critical.
20171023_DLP series with new logo.3391-1
Partpro 300 xT.666
PartPro300 XT
Designed for Ease of Use and High Performance