The Rize 3D Printer was named 2018 IDC Innovator.


15% increase in production speed

5x reduction in inspection time

$200K saving per your on fixture cost



The Rize One is designed to provide you with functional prototypes, jigs, and fixtures, work-holdings and end-use parts.

Whether you need speed, ease of use, safety or strength, Rize’s Augmented Deposition additive manufacturing process combines the very best hardware, software and materials to deliver functional thermoplastic parts faster, safer and more affordably than other systems.

Effective in the field, office and on the production floor, anyone across the enterprise can produce functional prototypes, end-use production parts, custom and replacement tooling on demand at the point of consumption.

T Weatherford, Inc., is proud to be an authorized distributor of Rize 3D printers and to make this powerful new technology readily available.

This is the 3D Printer that delivers ROI in less than 3 months.