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  • TransMagic

TransMagic Workgroup offers your entire team access to the power and cost savings of TransMagic products. The multi-CAD format compatibility of TransMagic cuts across CAD boundaries and supports increased productivity by empowering staff and assisting corporate level activities to streamline data-exchange operations. These products can increase efficiency across the whole enterprise, at the department level or for small work-groups.

TransMagic EXPERT and TransMagic ADVANTAGE are available in enterprise configurations.  TransMagic BATCH and TransMagic JT Add-on Translator can be added to the configuration to meet your multi-CAD interoperability needs.

TransMagic Workgroup is sized based on the members of your team. Configurations range from Small Workgroup for up to 5 people, Medium Workgroup for up to 10 and Large Workgroup can support teams as large as 25 people. For larger teams contact your Reseller or TransMagic for information on Enterprise configurations. Multiple concurrent licenses are liberally provided with each configuration to give you access to the product when you need it most, during peak translation demand.

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  • TransMagic ADVANTAGE supports a broad range of CAD file types and includes advanced geometry repair tools that find and cover holes or replace bad surfaces.

    • Rapid and Efficient
    • High-speed
    • Automated
    • Multi-format
    • Independent and unattended
    • Mass file translation
    • Overnight workhorse

    3D CAD data exchange can be accomplished from any computer in your company. The simple interface of TransMagic BATCH automatically detects native file types and translates geometry into any CAD file format automatically. TransMagic BATCH can be added to any TransMagic Workgroup interoperability product. The TransMagic BATCH Add-on is licensed on an annual subscription basis.

  • TransMagic EXPERT provides the most complete support for 3D design files in one standalone application. With more than 165 translation options, TransMagic EXPERT is the perfect tool for companies working in multi-CAD environments or manufacturing supply chains. It includes the ability to read and write high fidelity CATIA V5 files. TransMagic EXPERT is the perfect tool for file migration between multiple CAD systems including CATIA V4 and CATIA V5.

  • As a JT Open Member, TransMagic has developed a complete solution for using JT files as a robust data standard or exchange format, or for system wide archival purposes. JT preserves CAD data quality or provides a lightweight visualization format that can be used in connection with PLM systems for product documentation, viewing and collaboration.

    The TransMagic JT add-on translator supports reading and writing JT files from versions 6.4 to 9.0 with visualization and B-rep geometry information. With TransMagic, JT files with B-rep information can be translated as geometry for use in machining, analysis, simulation or any CAD/CAM/CAE application.