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› TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks - CAD Plug-In

TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks - CAD Plug-In

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Gold Partner

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The GOLD Partner Product

The TransMagic PowerPack is a SolidWorks Gold level partner product. This means that the product integration is certified by SolidWorks to meet all Gold Partner design criteria for single window integration.

TransMagic PowerPack: Features at a Glance

  • All functions performed within SolidWorks
  • Quick, controllable translation of numerous file formats
  • Design, create and re-use files, regardless of original file format
  • Use TransMagic Model Repair Tools to solve quality issues
  • Retain assembly hierarchy
  • Maintain part and assembly names
  • Bi-Directional CAD Support:
    • Open CATIA V5, CATIA V4, JT, and many other formats, into SolidWorks
    • Export files such as CATIA V5, CATIA V4 or JT, and many other formats, from SolidWorks
  • Backward Compatability: Save files in older formats to maintain compatibility with users of any software

Quality – Performance - Value

TransMagic, Inc. is known for quality products that are easy to use at an affordable price. This means high success rates and performance for data transfer using state-of-the-art file geometry Repair technology to provide SOLID models.


Design Power + Multi-CAD Freedom = Design Freedom

The TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks combines the design power of SolidWorks and the multi-CAD freedom of TransMagic to reveal true design freedom. With this combination you have the flexibility, versatility and power to design and build any assembly of products by reusing designs from outside applications. Full read/write access to the CATIA and JT formats can open new opportunities for collaboration with many manufacturers. TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks provides seamless data exchange with automated geometry repair between 3D applications to ensure the highest quality solid data!

READ and WRITE CATIA V4, CATIA V5 and JT files from SolidWorks!

With the TransMagic PowerPack, you can read and write CATIA V5, V4 or JT parts and assembly files, as well as many other formats directly from SolidWorks. Work on JT or CATIA files in SolidWorks and even Save them back into their original CATIA or JT formats. All from within SolidWorks on the TransMagic toolbar.

Multi-gigabyte CAD files or Complex Assemblies? No Problem with TransMagic XL-64!

Now, even multi-gigabyte CATIA files, can be opened in SolidWorks. The new XL-64 unlocks the full capability of 64-bit Windows 7, Vista and XP. XL-64 opens the door to virtually unlimited file size and complexity, data sharing and model usage. There is no limit to the CAD/CAM/CAE data reuse and sharing. Note: The XL-64 feature is only available in PowerPacks included with TransMagic EXPERT.

Got Solids?

Are you fighting with low quality files (such as CATIA V4 or IGES) that become surface models when opened? Small gaps or un-stitched surfaces can make your data unusable in SolidWorks or require hours of manual re-work. The geometry Repair tools in TransMagic PowerPack work automatically to stitch surfaces together and resolve many model quality issues. So, when the file opens in SolidWorks, you can get to work right away.

Turn 'ON' TransMagic REPAIR

Save a lot of time and hassle when opening low quality files. Turn ON TransMagic REPAIR and your files will be conditioned for optimum performance in SolidWorks by providing quick, efficient and accurate solutions.

EASE of Use!

TransMagic has added new features and tools to make the TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks easier to use and more powerful. Just click "Open with TransMagic" and import files immediately without even selecting the "File Type." Simple tool bar buttons let you open or save files in SolidWorks using TransMagic, set file import and export settings and access online resources. Gain a new level of control over your data import and export functions.

SolidWorks Menu

Many Other Supported Formats:

TransMagic supports all major CAD formats including ACIS, IGES, Inventor, Parasolid, Pro/E, STEP, UG/NX and more. In addition, TransMagic can export files into several useful non CAD formats such as, STL, OBJ, PLY HSF, HTML and many more. For a complete list, check out the Product Specifications

Customized CAD-Open and CAD-Save Settings and File Options

Is that PRT file from Pro/E of UG?

TransMagic automatically opens formats without having to choose a file type. The TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks offers many additional file setting options depending on the kind of data you are receiving. Work with many different file formats. When you’re done, you can save your work in the correct file format and the correct version of that format. Collaboration and data reuse are easy with the TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks.

SolidWorks PowerPack Included with Every Standalone License of TransMagic

That’s right! If you purchase a license of any TransMagic standalone product, the corresponding SolidWorks Plug-In is included for no extra charge.

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