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The lack of 3D interoperability for a corporation is a 3 dimensional problem:

  1. Large number of files under management
  2. Numerous software packages and file formats
  3. Complex file storage, Product Data Management(PDM), and/or Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) systems

These issues create sizable barriers for organizations targeting lean processes.

TransMagic GRID provides automated server based translation that can be configured to proactively create mirror copies of the master geometry files in all required formats. This approach provides immediate access to any given file in any given format. It is scalable from 1 server node on up, improving not just the number of files translated, but also the responsiveness of the system. By running in a low resource utilization mode, GRID provides a high performance, server based interoperability solution that is streamlined without a graphical 3D user interface for maximum performance.

TransMagic Workgroup is included in every Enterprise configuration providing your team the ability to perform viewing, inspection, on-demand translation, and advanced repair.

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