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Oracle AutoVue Office

  • Oracle AutoVue

Oracle's AutoVue Office delivers native document viewing and digital annotation capabilities for Microsoft Office, portable document format (PDF), and graphic document types. Users can view, print, review, and collaborate on hundreds of digital documents without requiring the authoring applications that were used to create them. AutoVue Office delivers the foundation for a flexible and secure all-digital document sharing, review, and approval platform that connects people and information across geographies and business practices.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enable efficient information sharing—provide users with reliable access to documents without requiring original authoring applications or undergoing costly document conversions
  • Easy integration—organizations can easily integrate AutoVue into existing and evolving IT infrastructures. With its Web technology and open integration architecture, organizations can plug the solution into content repositories and enterprise applications and allow it to serve as the visual front end to all digital documents
  • Improve process efficiency—standardize electronic document reviews and minimize reliance on paper-based exchanges.
  • Work offline—business travelers can take documents on site or on the road, work offline, and then update their comments and feedback to enterprise systems once they are back online
  • Collaborate securely—share documents without compromising sensitive information and valuable intellectual property
  • Capture a reliable audit trail—AutoVue digital markups capture and store a reliable audit trail of all decisions, changes and approvals helping organizations with their compliance and record keeping practices
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