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Oracle's AutoVue Mobile complements AutoVue's powerful native document viewing, digital annotation and real-time collaboration capabilities, enabling global organizations to extend the reach of product and asset information to partners and external collaborators. Through the sharing of Mobile Packs, AutoVue Mobile significantly improves how teams share information, increasing everyone's visibility of key technical data, and providing insight into the context surrounding engineering and product documents. Teams can collaborate more effectively and securely with global supply chain partners, allowing them to meet the rigorous demands of product development and achieve competitive advantage.



Uniquely enables you to: Via these capabilities:
Expedite time-to-market and drive innovation Reduce product development cycles and errors by integrating the expertise of the supply chain during the early design phase of product development.
Optimize external collaboration without risking intellectual property Robust set of security features and unique streaming technology provide access to the embedded intelligence of engineering and product documents without distributing original CAD files.
Make informed business decisions Inclusion of the context surrounding documents, with the entire history of comments, markups, and decisions.
Streamline document reviews Add and save markups and annotations to a Mobile Pack.

Easy management and update of inbound markups, annotations and back-office attribute values back into the enterprise system.

Dynamic display of back-office system attributes included in an AutoVue Mobile Pack, even when working offline.

Enable network-friendly sharing of large CAD models Efficient solution for fast and reliable transfer of large CAD and product documents to extended teams even in low-bandwidth networks.
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