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› ETRAGE Model Clean-up Utilities

ETRAGE Model Clean-up Utilities

Pro/ENGINEER model consolidation and standardization for Windchill migration

What is it?

The ETRAGE Model Clean-up Utilities is an Pro/TOOLKIT application for cleaning, consolidating and standardizing the Pro/ENGINEER parameters, family tables and Layers prior to importing the models to Windchill PDMLink or INTRALINK.

Who is it for?

PDM and PLM System Administrators who are tasked with the effort of migrating Pro/ENGINEER models to Windchill.

What does it do?

The MCU configures tasks that are executed on each processed model. The operations that can be performed on tasks are:

  • Add new task
  • Remove tasks
  • Edit task parameters
  • Rearrange tasks by drag and drop
  • Load tasks from file
  • Save tasks to file

The tasks that can be executed are:

Parameter Tasks

  • Set Parameter
  • Rename Parameter
  • Delete Parameter
  • Change Parameter Designation

Layer Tasks

  • Create Layer
  • Rename Layer
  • Delete Layer
  • Add To Layer

Family Table Tasks

  • Add Family Table Column
  • Verify Family Table

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