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ETRAGE Drawing Note Search

The Drawing Note Search application provides an automatic method for capturing notes from Creo drawings and storing them in a MySQL or Oracle database. Once in the database, notes can be managed by searching and selecting on drawing name or number, note character string or drawing attribute. Notes can be sorted and reviewed. Drawings can be opened for editing from link in application. Note lists can be exported to Excel or CSV formats.

Key Features

  • Web based application for capturing drawing notes from Creo drawings stored in Windchill
  • Search and manage drawing notes through a web interface
  • Supports searches based on drawing name or number, body of the note or Windchill Attributes and Creo Parameters
  • Automated Monitoring of Windchill for Lifecycle, Revision and Check-in changes
  • Additional Batch and On-Demand operating modes
  • Configurable to automatically capture notes, Windchill Attributes, Creo Parameters and generate drawing PDF files
  • Drawings linked back to Windchill for ease of editing
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