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ETRAGE Bulk Loader

What is it?

Etrage Bulk loader offers a fast and reliable way of uploading and checking-in a large quantity of models from your repository into Windchill.

Who is it for?

Windchill PDM Link users who are tasked with the effort of migrating large quantity of Creo models to Windchill.

What does it do?

The Bulk Loader streamlines the process for uploading a large number of CAD files into Windchill PDMLink and INTRALINK. It validates against existing CAD files in Windchill and identifies conflicts. It offers simple and modern user interface so that the process of uploading is done in quick and effective way.

It offers the user to configure the uploading process through several steps:

  • Select the location where the models are located
  • Review the information about the selected models
  • Upload the models to the specified Windchill workspace
  • Check-in the selected models to Windchill PDM Link


Selection of Folders, Sub-Folders and Models

Configure Upload Requirements

Check-in to Commonspace