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Creo Elements/Pro Tool Design

Core and cavity design

Product design complexity is often over-shadowed by that required of the mold. Creo Elelments/Pro Tool Design can create even the most complex single- and multiple-cavity molds. A process-driven workflow guides the user through each step. Automated parting surface creation and automated splitting make it easy for even the occasional user to create complex tooling quickly.

Features & Benefits

  • Define even the most complex geometry for creating single- and multiple-cavity molds and casts
  • Evaluate mold draft, undercut and thickness problems and examine forming and secondary forming dies
  • Eliminates data translation errors as an integral CAD/CAM solution from conceptual design to manufacturing
  • Reduces need for redesigns through automatic updating of tooling models, drawings and electrodes
  • Eliminates costly rework via interference checking and mold opening simulation
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