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Creo Elements/Pro Tolerance Analysis

Powered by CETOL Technology

Analyze and control tolerances

To deliver high quality products to market faster, product designers need to design for manufacturability. Not only must a product look good on the computer screen, it must fit together on the shop floor once manufactured. This requires incorporating manufacturing variance information early in the design process. Creo Elelments/Pro Tolerance Analysis Extension powered by CETOL Technology gives you the power to analyze geometric tolerance stack-ups and gaps. Now you can quickly analyze and document geometric tolerances directly on the CAD model. With Creo Elelments/Pro you can improve your ability to design for manufacturing and easily streamline your detailed design and verification and validation processes.

Features & Benefits


  • Quickly analyze a model for its true statistical variation, sigma quality, as well as individual dimension contributions and sensitivities
  • Easily incorporate GTOL and dimensional tolerances directly in the CAD model. 1-D tolerance loops are managed in an assembly-level saved Tolerance Analysis
  • Improve design for manufacturability, reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, and decrease cost
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