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Creo Elements/Pro Interface for I-deas

Legacy CAD data exchange

Industry-wide, dealing with CAD data from a variety of sources is an absolute necessity. Creo Elelments/Pro Interface for I-deas makes that reality a bit easier. Its ability to import I-deas parts and assemblies greatly contributes to your design team’s multi-CAD fluency, while allowing efficient legacy CAD data utilization and design reuse.

Features & Benefits

  • Native import of I-deas parts and assemblies, including individual bodies and multi-body structures
  • Supports I-deas data format up to I-deas release V10 NX
  • Greatly aids design reuse and legacy CAD data utilization
  • Enables reduction in cost of maintaining legacy CAD system
  • Allows more graceful transition to a standardized CAD environment
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