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Cloud-Based Business Process Automation

What is Kenesto?

Simply, Kenesto is a business process automation system that helps companies deliver better products and services. Kenesto does this by understanding what people already do and how they do it. Kenesto uses cloud computing and an emphasis on ease of use to make it fun and easy to use Kenesto.

Companies use Kenesto to manage new product introductions, to manage changing products that are already in the market and to support and maintain their products. That means processes like requests for quotation, pricing, engineering change requests and more are ideal for Kenesto.

Kenesto works just like the systems people already are familiar with, meaning that most people require little or no training to use Kenesto.

Kenesto features

  • No installation of client software is required to use the system’s full capabilities.
  • Automatic generation and execution of process models
  • Dashboards on the home screen for status and reporting on in-flight and completed processes.
  • Online viewing of over 250 different vector-based image formats and common file types, like spreadsheets and word processing documents. View the list of supported 2D formats.
  • Control viewing of intellectual property outside the enterprise, via automatically created review and approval steps
  • Inclusion of external suppliers, vendors and customers in active processes by email invitation
  • Support for any HTML5-based browser, including Microsoft®
  • Internet Explorer® 9 or later, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.6 or later, Google Chrome™ 14.0.835, Google Android™and Apple® iOS® devices
  • Easy re-working of completed steps with a “go back” capability
  • Automatic tracking of “documents of record” in any process
    SMS text and email for notification of process updates and status
  • Integrated search with both simple and advanced search operators
  • Vote processing with approve/reject/abstain signatures
  • Importing of list content, like bills-of-materials (BOMs), issues, parts and requirements to enhance users’ decision making
  • Process owner control of process status, with “skipping” of activities that are overdue or obsolete
  • Templates for creating, saving and reusing existing processes
  • Customizable document forms

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