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ETRAGE's extensive expertise in CAD APIs enables us to provide custom domain-specific solutions, as well as general-purpose tools.

Products for Windchill

ETRAGE is a software development company focused on enterprise and
engineering applications used in mechanical design processes. Our products
help customers integrate enterprise systems, migrate design data between the
systems and automate design process tasks. We provide high-quality software
products and custom development services insured by our rigorous development
and quality assurance process.

Windchill PLM – IFS ERP Integration
The Windchill PLM – IFS ERP Integration was developed with the Etrage Integration Server (EIS) to connect systems that normally are not able to communicate, and to do it in a way that is minimally disruptive to the end users. It implements a plug-in architecture, where each system has its own set of integration actions, such as exporting BOM or generating part number.

Plot Service for Windchill
Batch Plotting and PDF generation of drawings and diagrams from Windchill PDMLink and INTRALINK.

Pro/ENGINEER Model Clean-up Utilities for Windchill Migration
Model Clean-up Utilities insures clean-up and consolidation of parameters, family tables and Layers to a consistent configuration, for all models being imported to Windchill.

The Etrage Viewer reduces time and cost of viewing and printing CAD viewables and other file formats. The software displays PDF and other viewable files created by Etrage’s Plot Service for Windchill (PSW), other viewable creation applications or manual processes. Viewable metadata can be added automatically through PSW or manually. The user-friendly search engine and document storage system mirrors many Internet search systems that are available for use every day.

AutoVue Integration with Windchill
Visualization of Native Models in Windchill® without the need for the Underlying CAD Applications, Pre-Publishing or Compiling Tools.

Quality Server
The Quality Server provides a simplified method for managing the quality of Creo models stored in Windchill or in a Windows directory by executing ModelCHECK standards and custom checks in Batch or by monitoring Windchill for changes in Lifecycle state or Revision. The Quality Server provides links to detailed reports in HTML format, that can be used to track issues and trends.

Bulk Loader
The Bulk Loader streamlines the process for uploading a large number of CAD files into Windchill PDMLink and INTRALINK. It validates against existing CAD files in Windchill,verifies CAD revisions and identifies conflicts.

Drawing Note Search
The Drawing Note Search application provides an automatic method for capturing notes from Creo drawings and storing them in a MySQL or Oracle database. Once in the database, notes can be managed by searching and selecting on drawing name or number, note character string or drawing attribute. Notes can be sorted and reviewed. Drawings can be opened for editing from link in application. Note lists can be exported to Excel or CSV formats.

Products for Pro/INTRALINK

ETRAGE product development efforts have focused on PDM automation and integration solutions in the Pro/INTRALINK environment. These efforts have been driven by customer need to automate processes or access PDM data by project personnel of differing skill sets and data that was created from various sources.

Plot Service for Pro/INTRALINK
Automated, batch, web & command line plotting and PDF generation of released drawings & diagrams from Pro/INTRALINK.

Automation COM Interface (ACI)

ETRAGE has developed a COM/DCOM/ActiveX interface to the PTC Pro/TOOLKITs for Wildfire and Pro/INTRALINK (with PDMLink in works) to make application development faster and easier for engineers. COM is Microsoft's object oriented interoperability technology supported by VB, VB.NET, C# and many other languages. The Automation COM Interface (ACI) consolidates the Pro/TOOLKIT interface and internally translates the client calls to the corresponding series of Pro/TOOLKIT API calls. This keeps the engineer from having to know the complexities of Pro/TOOLKIT or C/C++ and lets him use familiar tools such as Visual Basic.

COM-based encapsulation of Pro/TOOLKIT for PTC Pro/ENGINEER.

COM-based encapsulation of Pro/TOOLKIT for PTC Pro/INTRALINK PDM system.