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Consulting & Implementation Services

Finding the right technology solutions for your engineering projects is just the starting point for your Product Lifecycle Management environment. It’s what follows that becomes the challenge and if you don’t have the internal expertise to follow through on a successful implementation, you can’t possibly begin to capitalize the return on investment for your chosen software.

TWI is a leading PLM technology expert that understands the design process across multiple disciplines and industries. We offer more than two decades of globally based experience in improving the utilization of CAD software to assist organizations in gaining greater return on technology investments, improving business workflow processes, and ultimately fostering greater innovation capabilities. Our professional services team offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in a variety of software solutions with an understanding of design, engineering and manufacturing applications and has assisted clients around the world to:

  • Facilitate risk mitigation
  • Reduce development time
  • Eliminate errors and rework
  • Capture knowledge
  • Leverage existing technology investments


Professional development programs to increase productivity
TWI is proud to offer the most extensive, high-quality professional development programs in the industry. Our main focus is to provide our clients with the knowledge to use their Pro/ENGINEER software in the most efficient and productive manner. Whether you want an in-class, onsite, or web-based learning experience, we can provide you with the programs you need to increase your software knowledge and workplace productivity.

Instructor-Led Training
It has been proven that productivity decreases by up to 25% when you first introduce a new software tool. With proper professional training from TWI, you’ll reduce the time spent learning the new software and quickly generate a higher productivity level than that of self-taught users. Each of our classes provides you with one of TWI’s Technical Training Engineers, so you get a Certified software specific expert with technical knowledge and real-world industry experience to answer your questions. Click Here to request On-Demand Training

Knowledge Assessment Tools
Our Technical Skills Group has designed Knowledge Assessment Tools to assess your working knowledge of Pro/ENGINEER software providing recommendations on how you can improve your skills.

eLearning and Online Resources

To accommodate your busy schedule, TWI offers online training and resource options so you can learn at your convenience and in your preferred location. With our many offerings available, you can choose to learn at your own pace or interact with a live, expert instructor who can supply feedback in real time.