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Evac Migrates to Windchill PDMLink to Improve Design Efficiency

Evac, part of the worldwide entity Zodiac Marine and Pool, is an international company that designs, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly waste and wastewater collection and treatment systems for the shipbuilding industry. The company has Lloyd’s ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance and ISO 14001:2004 environmental standards certificates.
Business Initiative:

  • With collaborative partners and remote sites in Finland, Norway and US, Evac needed to expand product development activities beyond its own premises.


Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation Selects PTC’s Windchill As Its Enterprise PLM Solution

PTC’s PLM suite of products to enable significant vehicle development process improvements for global automotive OEM


PTC And HP Expand Relationship Through Customer Loyalty Program

Partnership Delivers Added Value to Active Maintenance Customers Through Special Offers/Discounts


The Manhattan Project

In early 2014 Sparks, a Brand Experience company talented at creating vibrant environments and activations, was tasked by Vick Art Advisors to create a sculpture to fill a 24-foot niche in a newly renovated corporate space in New York City. The client was looking for something to abstractly represent Manhattan but the dead- lines were tight and thus demanding a quick turnaround.

MicroDent Dental Lab

Michal Hermanek, founder and owner of MicroDent, the largest dental lab and dental CAD/CAM services supplier in the Czechia and Slovakia regions, believes that 3D Systems’ metal 3D printers allowed his company to grow faster than he could ever have anticipated.

“CNC milling of metals like chrome cobalt was just too wasteful, too slow,” said Hermanek. “Even several years ago, metal 3D printing was the way to go in terms of productivity, quality and economics. Just imagine how things have improved since then.”

Hankook Tire

The design department at Hankook Tire uses a ProJet® 660 3D printer by 3D Systems as a key part of its concept design process. 3D printing technology has help the design team deliver better communication between depart- ments, save on costs, and improve design data security.

Hankook Tire, currently the 7th largest tire manufacturer in the world and one of the fastest growing, was founded in 1941 in Korea. Now selling in
185 countries worldwide, the company has developed a reputation for

LogiCAD and ProJet 3510 CPX Make Short Work of Tricky Geometry for Gas Component Manufacturer Elster Aeroteh

As recently as 2011, the European Commission ranked Romania’s natural gas reserves as the third largest in the European Union. That same year a large amount of that natural gas was used domestically, as Romania imported a mere 17% of its overall gas consumption. The national gas industry is important for the country of just over 21 million people, who depend in large part on the domestic gas companies and suppliers as well as the estimated 1.4 trillion cubic meters of natural gas that lies beneath its soil.

3D Printing set to support SISSA’s research needs

The arrival of a new 3D printer from 3D Systems marks the start of a “mechatronic” age at SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste, Italy. The School is focused on conducting leading-edge scientific research and educating post-graduate students in new research programs.

Lowering Cost and Reducing Production Time, ProJet® 3D Printing Lets Turbine Technologies Soar

Making test parts using traditional mold manufacturing techniques is risky business. Take turbine engine components, which traditionally require weeks and tens of thousands of dollars to finish. The designs upon which these parts are based go through extensive cycle analysis, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and solid modeling, but there’s always the chance that alterations may be required due to a mistake or change in specifications. In any case, if a design change is suddenly required, your shiny new test part is now an expensive, time-eating piece of scrap.

3D Printing and Potomac Photonics Support Boston University’s Stem Cell Research

Stem cells have enormous potential in medical research due to their ability to convert into specialized cell types. One day they could provide a renewable source of replacement cells for people that require organ transplants or for patients suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s, Type 1 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Realize Inc. Puts ProJet® 7000 Through its Paces

The very first customer job that Todd Reese, president of Noblesville, Indiana-based rapid prototyping service provider Realize Inc., fed his ProJet® 7000 stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer was a 40-piece run of stout bottle toppers with extremely intricate detail. The print tray was completely full. Realize Inc.’s 3D Systems’ Applications Engineer had hoped the new machine would be eased into service, but that’s not Reese’s style.

Revolutionizing Facial Reconstruction Using 3D Printing and 3D Haptic Design

- Geomagic Freeform enables rapid iteration of implant design and surgical planning
- 3D Systems’ ProJet, SLA and MultiJet 3D printing technology used for prototypes, surgical
practices and surgical guides

Inside Ford’s 3D Printing Lab, where thousands of parts are made

Many of the nylon printed motor parts are used in working prototype vehicles

By Lucas Mearian
Reprinted from ComputerWorld - June 4, 2014

Computerworld - DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. -- Ten years ago, Ford 3D printed perhaps 4,000 prototype parts for its vehicles. Today, just one of its five 3D prototyping centers churns out more than 20,000 parts annually.

Realize Inc. and Outdoor Ukulele Hit the Right Notes

A staple in Hawaiian music, the ukulele’s name roughly translates as “jumping flea,” a tribute to the player’s fluttering fingers as they play the small, traditionally wooden instrument. It goes to say that given the busy, flea-like strumming involved, you can’t just make a “uke” out of anything. It’s got to be durable, and it’s got to sound good.

3D Printing Saves The Day For POWERADE at FIFA 2014

In February 2014, the team at American Precision Prototyping (APP) was presented with a unique challenge: redesign, prototype, cast, decorate and ship 150 cast urethane bottle carriers for POWERADE® to be used as promotional equipment in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. And complete the entire job in 30 days. Using a combination of CAD, SLA 3D printing and some slick thinking, the team completed the job with days to spare.

Design and 3D CAD At the start of this project, the team at APP were supplied with two earlier POWERADE® carrier designs from which to work.

Australia's evok3d uses direct digital manufacturing to rev up performance for Nissan Motorsports teams

Australia's evok3d uses direct digital manufacturing to rev up performance for Nissan Motorsports teams


  • The world leader in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) equipment technology
  • Model shop at Chattanooga, TN (USA) headquarters supports 20 divisions worldwide
  • Has current configured ProJet 5000 running since February 2012

Daimler Trucks North America LLC

  • A Daimler company
  • The largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America
  • Leading producer of medium-duty trucks and specialized commercial vehicles

Cheetah Tool Creates Production Parts for Riveting System with DuraForm® Plastic

Cheetah Tool Creates Production Parts for Riveting

System with DuraForm® Plastic


University of Exeter uses SLS® technology and DuraForm® material to help PAPA Pumps explore new design, material, and manufactur

University of Exeter uses SLS® technology and DuraForm® material to help PAPA Pumps explore new design, material, and manufacturing options